Five Ways to Improve Overall Ranking of the Website

Five Ways to Improve Overall Ranking of the Website

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This method is essential to improve your website rating. That does not mean you have to know everything in the world about SEO before you can benefit from it. Below are some small but important optimization steps you can take to improve your website’s SEO.

Sign up with Webmaster tools

On-site optimization can be complicated at times. On-site optimization actually ensures all the technical details are in placed in the right way as they should be for search engines and searchers.  You are in luck because both major engines such as Google and Bing offer a suite of webmaster tools which make things simple.

If you haven’t registered your website with a Webmaster tool than do it now. If you have set it up but don’t know much then dig and explore. You will obtain information about your website’s condition, speed and Google may identify crawl errors too.

Publish Relevant Content

Quality content is the driving force for your search engine rankings. There is no substitute for valuable and good content. If you establish quality content aiming your site traffic you will see an improvement in your site authority and relevance.

Make sure you identify a keyword for each phrase. Think from the reader’s perspective. Establish your content as you think the reader may search it as. Once you have chosen the keyword repeat it throughout the page.

You can use the keyword once in the opening paragraph and about two to four times throughout the page. Make sure you use bold, italics and headings to emphasize keywords. However, don’t get too carried away.

Don’t sacrifice good writing for SEO. Good writing is for your user traffic and not the search engine.

Make it easy to share

Quality content does deserve to be shared on Facebook and twitter. It has been proven that social signals from these social media websites correlate very strongly with good rankings Google index.

This means it definitely worthwhile to make your astounding convent easy to share.  You should focus on high visible share buttons, optimized meta descriptions and even Buffer buttons.

If you want to go further than the basics then adding images has proven to be a huge factor in boosting content to be spread socially. The text which you use when sharing in social networks can also play a vital role too.

Maintain a link worth site

Your focus should be on creating relevant links within the text. Instead of the typical ‘click here’ links go for writing the link of the destination. Essentially click here has no search engine value beyond the URL whereas a word will improve your search engine ranking.

Update your content regularly

Content plays the main role in SEO. Search engines feel very strongly about content too.  Regularly updated content is considered to be the best indicator of a site’s relevancy. Therefore make sure you keep it updated.

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