3 Major Tools for SEO-Try Now

3 Major Tools for SEO-Try Now

SEO is very much competitive. It requires you to have the most efficient and effective tools. Such tools help you grab new opportunities, save on time and keep a track of how you’re SEO can be improved. Getting your hands on the perfect tool isn’t just the job of SEO specialists. No matter what your job is, whether you are a digital marketing manager, an account manager or a director of a company you should know the best tools for SEO.

Below are the categories of the three major types of tools in SEO.

  • Keyword Analysis Tool

    One thing is very clear in SEO. There is no such thing as SEO without keyword. Therefore you need keywords for your website in each condition. In the previous five years keyword analysis and its research has become very difficult. This is because Google has applied Google Adwords Keyword Planner which hides data.Such tools help you identify such hidden data so that traffic flow may increase on your website. These tools are great to use but all they provide you with is data. The real challenge lies on how you interpret and use the data to create a real difference. Uber Suggest and term Explorer are such tools which you may use for keyword analysis.

Keyword Analytics Tool

  • Rankings Tools

    It is very important that you have an insight on where your site currently ranks. This allows you to plan strategically. You will know which of your marketing strategies are doing well so that you can focus and improve those methods. With effective planning your ROI will be maximized and traffic will increase too.
    These tools help you see your ranking without hours of browsing search pages. Popular tools include Google Search Console and Authority Labs.

  • Content Effectiveness Tools

    You should keep one thing in mind. All SEO rankings revolve around some sort of content. It is the good highlighted content that increases your website’s ranking. It is very hard to create and maintain the flow of good content yet this is necessary to keep you audience engaged. The content should also be optimized so that Search Engines give it priority too.

    You can use content effectiveness tools to find new ideas and also optimize your current data. Some popular tools are Outdated Content Finder and Buzzsumo.

Buzzsumo Content Tool

These were a few of the tools used in SEO. These tools no doubt facilitate your website’s SEO. You don’t need to be a SEO specialist to use them. Any website developer can make use of these tools. Surely your traffic will increase and SEO ranking will certainly get higher.

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