10 Reasons to Use Google Analytics for Your Website

10 Reasons to Use Google Analytics for Your Website

Google Analytics is the most popular and widely digital analytics software used in the world. The web service is able to track and calculate website traffic. This service was first launched in 2005 by Google.

Many IT giants such as IBM and Adobe have developed their own digital analytics applications. Many people are also giving Piwik and KISSmetrics some attention too. However, the number one choice remains Google Analytics. Below are some reasons why you should only opt for Google Analytics as your Website Analytics software.

1.  The Service is Very Easy to Use

Google does update the product regularly but the basic structure is the same since a decade. This means once you have set up you are good till the end. The initial set up may require a specialist but that is not a problem. The basics are so simple that any user can grasp the basic principles of Google Analytics.

2. You will Gain a Better Understanding

It is very important that you have knowledge of where your customers come from. Google Analytics provides you an opportunity to gain a deep insight as to where your visitors originate from. Their behavior and preferences are also specifically mentioned. You will be able to know the specific keywords your visitor’s type in when they visit your website.

3. The Option of Customizable Reports

Google makes everything easy. You can choose by default from the many report options it provides or you can build your own version through easy drag and drop interface.

4. Automated Data Collection

All you have to do is set up your account and copy a piece of code on your website. The Google Analytics service will immediately start the process of collecting data. The reports can be accessed whenever you want. All the work will be carried out by Google Analytics.

5. It’s Free

This is perhaps one of the most attractive reasons for using Google Analytics service. Such a great service does not charge you a single penny for its standard version.

6. You will be Able to Fine Tune Your Website

With this tool, you can fine tune your website. This tool will bring you more quality prospects enabling you to gain more customers in the future.

7. Identify User Trends

This tool allows you to analyze the page and links your visitors click on the most. You will also get information on the popular links and pages which will allow you to effectively test whether optimization campaign is directing the traffic to the right pages.

8. Real-Time Visitor Tracking

You can actually see who is visiting your website in real time. You will have numbers of the active numbers, what pages they are viewing at which time of the day.

9. Extensive help Documentation Available Online

If you are a bit apprehensive about using this tool you should not worry as there is extensive documentation available online for Google analytics. Those of you are not into reading will be able to find many video tutorials that explain the usage of Google Analytics step by step.

10. Can be Integrated with other Tools

You can use Google Analytics with all of your devices. You can implement the data obtained from Google Analytics on other well known Google products such as Google AdSense or Google Search Console.

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